Glaucoma Treatment in Colorado Springs

Glaucoma occurs when fluids do not properly drain from the eye, and pressure inside the eye builds up to levels that can damage the optic nerves, causing vision loss. Treatment for glaucoma aims to prevent or delay vision loss by lowering the pressure inside your eye.  Since Glaucoma related vision loss is permanent, it is important to stick to your treatment schedules and have regular consultations with your ophthalmologist.  Glaucoma can be treated using a number of different options, including prescription drugs, eye drops, surgery and or laser surgery.  Your ophthalmologist will work with you to find the best treatment for your needs, which often will include multiple types of treatments.  Dr. Haas will also recommend preventative measures if he feels that you are at risk of glaucoma. Your condition will be closely monitored. 

If Glaucoma is detected early, it can be managed, and loss or vision can be treated.  Most people with Glaucoma will not lose their sight.



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