Cataracts Treatment in Colorado Springs

The treatment of cataracts is Dr. Haas' specialty. He can examine the eyes for vision deficits and prescribe corrective lenses. However, ophthalmologists can sometimes detect eye disorders, like cataracts, during their exams. An ophthalmologist in Colorado Springs is permitted by state law to dispense medications for the treatment and diagnosis of eye diseases. As an ophthalmologist, Dr. Haas may work with a local optometry specialist in Colorado Springs to confirm diagnoses and offer follow-up Cataract surgery that an optometrist cannot provide. If you need cataract treatment or a Cataract Surgeon in the Colorado Springs area, it is available as an outpatient procedure. Modern techniques allow Dr. Haas to remove cataracts at any stage of development.

Cataracts Treatment

In Cataracts surgery, a tiny incision removes the cataract from your eye and then a synthetic lens can be inserted into your eye's surface to replace the damaged one.  Most of the time, there is no need for a hospital stay, and it can be done as outpatient.  Recovery from Cataracts surgery requires the patient to regularly apply drops, avoid direct sunlight, dust, and any contact with the eye.  Wraparound sunglasses are commonly used to protect the sun from the bright Colorado sun, and at night, patients use an eye shield.  If you are suffering from any pain or discomfort after your surgery, contact your ophthalmologist immediately.


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